Dancin' Lassie Photography

Photography.  That wonderful land of capturing beauty in a shot - of saving a look, a thought, a dream forever.

I never dreamed that I'd become interested in photography.  It just wasn't 'me'.
 I paint pictures with words, not with real images, like, okay?

But we started doing photo shoots.  And I took a good one or two. And my little sister took a LOT of good ones.  And we started trying to figure out what made them good photos. The rest, so they say, is history.

At this time, I only have a somewhat hurting 'point and shoot' camera. {read:  the-battery-doesn't-stay-in-if-you-don't-hold-it-JUST-right-and-the-settings-are-sad}.  But a *whisper* Canon is what I dream of, with the rest of the world. ;)

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“ You’ve got to push yourself harder. You’ve got to start looking for pictures nobody else could take. You’ve got to take the tools you have and probe deeper. –
William Albert Allard

You don't take a photograph. You ask, quietly, to borrow it. ~Author Unknown

“ Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow. –Imogen Cunningha

It's one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it's another thing to make a portrait of who they are. - Paul Caponigro

So, here I am. At the beginning.  Thank the LORD that he knows the end!