who am i?

                                        My name is Katharine Victoria Grace Davis.

                                                Chummy people call me Kate.

                                                             ^It fits better

                           17-year-old-homeschooled-senior. Homeschoolers are hip.

I live on a small farm in the corner of Ohio & West Virginia. No one ever manages to actually recognize our driveway as such, so we aren’t too worried about stalkers. And there’s potholes. Great big puddle-loving potholes.

         Our doors are always open. If you’re alright with the potholes, comeon over.

                                                  [why do I keep talking about potholes? :wryface:]

Guilty pleasures: way-high heels, americanos, berets, late night chats, vintage romance novels, chicken pot pie and Broadway.

 ^that's a long list. O_o

Photography is passion in a snapshot.

^my camera is this ancient point-and-shoot thing that’s held together with a rubberband. It’s very frustrating.

But it does work.

Music is.

Family is everything. My sister and I are 7 years apart - and good friends. :love:

One should dance. Often. Never leave the dance floor too soon. :waxs philsophical:

I tend to rattle on and on about Christianity, marriage and relationships, politics, piano, Les Miserables and tennis.  Thankfully, you just know me online. And you have an 'x' in the top right-and corner.

Introvert. People find this funny. Check the link - it's true.


Born-and-bred Appalachian, Daddy took me rock climbing for the first time when I was three. I’ve never stopped loving the outdoors - and long, dusty and heart-wrenching trails since.


But there’s something rather more important then all of this.

                                                                           I serve HIM.