Saturday, December 25, 2010

~*~Repost~*~ The Difference

~*~ As I move articles over from my old blog to this one, some of these articles may appear familar to you. Bear with me - please :) ~*~

The Christian shuts his eyes at pornography. The world looks closer.
The Christian rebukes the joker. The world eggs it on.
The Christian studies his Bible. The Enquirer better suits the world.
The Christian sings hymns. The world likes rap and punk.
The Christian is baptized in water. The world is baptized in wine.
The Christian goes to church. The world goes to golf.
The Christian says Christ's our standard. The world prefers Obama.
The Christian upholds standards. The world knocks them down.
The Christian upholds purity. The world abhors it.
The Christian is joyful. The world is miserable.
One stands, the other falls.
Where are you?

~K. Davis. All rights reserved

And - Merry Christmas!


Brandon said...

I believe I told you how much I liked this the first time you posted it; I'm glad to see you've implemented my suggestions about the 'happy/joyful' difference. :)

~Miss Kate~ said...

And thank you for your suggestion! Such a little word can make a - lot - of difference :-)