Saturday, January 15, 2011

Grit and Glory ~ Word of The Year!

If you could make one word your focus of the year, what would it be? What one word is so important that it molds your year?

Mine is

~*~ Strength ~*~

You ask why I choose strength?


Every one of us needs to be strong. Making decisions is terrifing. Choosing the right way in life is hard.

"But be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened and do not be afraid, for the Lord your GOD is with you wherever you go!" ~Joshua 1:9

"Strength and Honor are her clothing, and she shall rejoice in time to come! ~Prov. 31

Those who I admire the most are strong: My Parents. My coal-mining Great-Grandfathers. My military Grandfathers. Elisabeth Elliot. The list goes on.

Thus my word - my year - shall be strength.


Anna Olivia said...

That's a good word and goal, Kate! =D

Courtney said...