Sunday, January 23, 2011

Shall I Seize The Day?

"You're too young. Just relax, you've got a life ahead of you."

Ever heard that before? I have. And I hate it.

Why should I be considered too young to do what God has commanded me to do? Why should I spend the years of my life - the best years of my life - in no active service for him.

I call to you - I beg you - don't let anyone tell you you are too young - you are exactly the right age for what God has called you for!

I've felt very torn lately - as I come upon my last year of highschool and look ahead to what may be coming in the near future - as I watch my close friends grow up and marry... (Yes, you heard that right. Marry. Wow...), as I see other's lives change. I also have decisions ahead that are very frightening - but there they are, and they are real.

It's easy to let our lives slip away from us. Everything around us offers entertainment and relaxation, and often it's far too easy to put off our decisions to another time. I'm just as bad as anyone else...

But if we decide we are too young to make decisions for ourselves, one of these days it will come upon us that we *must* make a decision, and then - and then we aren't ready.

This is not good.

So what am I saying?

Be Prepared. The Boy Scouts had a good idea. :) Be prepared for what life has in store - (as much as one can) - and pray. Often. And for me, too. The road ahead is bright and glorious, it's just getting there that's scary.

Comeon - Let's seize this day and make it good!
~Miss Kate

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Gideon said...

Nice!! I'll try and follow your advice.
Thnx for posting such words of wisdom. :D