Monday, February 7, 2011

Mid-Week Thoughts...

This week has been very long indeed - but here's the sad, the happy and the amusing of the week ;)

Sunday was a pretty dreadful day.
Sunday brought about the loss of a friend of mine - Ben Bradley. While I did not know Ben *that* well, we were good friends and talked a fair amount - and picked on each other. And I said he had an 'ego' and he said I was a 'midget' (What's with that? :P Am not... ;) *finally agrees* ). Anyway. He was cleaning his gun and - it went off. He was only 24. It's been a rough weekend - and I'm sure prayers for the family would be very, very appreciated. Read his story :here: ...

Ben, I will miss you very much indeed.

On a highly amusing note - (And to fill in my bitter feeling because I'm taking a facebook break... ;) ) Check out this video. It's not perfect, but you must needs admit - it's funny ;) Esp. the part about "bad-picture-tagging". *knowing sigh* And poking. Seriously.

(Please note I do not condone all of this man's videos or approve of all of his choices of language - this one is one that I (mostly) do approve of ;) )

Finally - Guess what *I* got in the mail?! My LONG awaited High Kings CD...

"Memory Lane"

(And it will NOT let me post the pictures, so I'll add them in tomorrow evening...)

Yes, finally indeed! I've waited since Christmas for it and now - well, I suspect the family wishes they'd never gotten it for me ;)

That's all for now. Writing isn't coming very easy this evening...


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