Monday, February 21, 2011

Perception of Beauty

*Guest Article*

Rose J. is a truly beautiful young lady, in my humble opinion - and she was kind enough to write this article for our guest-article- series! Thank you, Rose!

How many times has your opinion of someone ended up different than your first impression? How we perceive someone is not the same as how they look. You may have had your perception of someone change at one point, whether you realized it or not. It has definitely happened to me many times.

It can happen when you meet someone who, in regards to looks, is very physically attractive. They seem to have everything together, in regard to their appearance. But, as we learn to know them, we sometimes realize that their attitude and the way they treat others actually makes them less beautiful to us, even if their appearance hasn’t changed in the slightest.

On the opposite side, I’ve met people who I can clearly see are not what the magazines would classify as “beautiful” or “handsome”. It can be difficult not to judge on appearance. But when I spend time with someone who has less than perfect looks, as I get to know their personality, I don't pay much attention to their looks anymore. In fact, they may appear to be more beautiful to me, because I am not only looking at their appearance, but all aspects of their character.

I think people can find each other's mannerisms attractive. The way someone laughs, uses facial expressions, even the way they walk. Every detail of their personality and their characteristics are what make them special.

I don't have to worry if my friends are prettier than me. I don’t have to be the smartest, or the most beautiful. I don't have to compete to make friends. If someone is interested in being friends with me, my looks are not the deciding factor in that. Certainly, people do notice how we look, and I want to try to look nice, but we cannot make ourselves perfect. I do think we should desire to improve ourselves, not merely for the approval of others, but mainly for God’s glory.

I believe it’s the same for someone who wants to be attractive to the opposite sex. The right person will find you attractive, not just your face or your clothes; not even entirely how you behave, but everything about you, all the way down to the way you tie your shoelaces.
~*~ Rose ~*~

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