Friday, February 18, 2011

A Question for those who were Homeschooled...

Or for that matter, for people who have homeschooled their own children.

Would you do it again? Do you believe homeschooling affected you for the good? Would you young people, who have been homeschooled yourselves, homeschool your children? What is something that homeschooling gave you, or for that matter, didn't give you, that's different?

Just some thoughts I was musing on earlier. If you're good, I'll write an article based on your responses...
(And PLEASE be detailed ;) )


Jennifer said...

I am about to graduate from high school this June. I have been homeschooled since the beginning. As I get closer, I keep wanting to put a halt to it all, not because I don't want to graduate, but because I don't want to leave homeschooling.

This year I have taken three dual-credit classes at a junior college. It hasn't been bad, I've been able to conform to a classroom setting and all really well. But it makes me realize the impact homeschooling has, especially on younger kids.

My sister, who was also homeschooled and in May is graduating from college, and I were discussing how homeschooling is so great because it can be changed to fit to the child's learning style. Getting a taste of college has already made me see how some people just don't grasp information when they simply read it out of a book, and some people are better at, say, short essays than multiple choice tests. Humans aren't made as robots; we all think differently and learn differently.

Homeschooling gave me a world of opportunity, and I would so do it again. God willing, I'll homeschool my own kids someday. And I realize I only talked about the academics side of it.

Can't wait to read your article!

The Authoress said...

I was homeschooled all my life, recently graduated, and am excitedly planning to homeschool my own kids!
I know other people my age who were homeschooled and are not planning to homeschool their kids, because they want to "still be able to live their own life".
A good movie on this topic is "Homeschool Droupouts" which is a documentary available from Vision Forum.
I think this decision has to do with vision. Parents who homeschool do it for a reason. Whether or not their children grow up to homeschool has to do with how successful their parents were at passing the vision to the next generation, teaching their children the importance of what they hold dear.

Kristen said...

Hey there :-) I just found your blog off the Feelin Feminine blogroll.

I don't know that your question really extended to me since I wasn't homeschooled. However, I begged and pleaded with my mum to homeschool me when I was in middle and early high school and I definitely do plan on homeschooling my own children some day. I've done as much research as I can without actually being in those positions :-)

For me, I believe education is very important. Good direction in a child's life can help them overcome negative influences in public schooling (whether you want to apply that to the religious sphere or not) and I did end up really enjoying my high school experience. I do see that people should be exposed to different worldviews and cultures and public school can do that. However, even the best of them don't give the amount of education I wanted to recieve and want my children to recieve.

In homeschooling, learning and personality styles can be taken into account as well as personal interests. I do want my children to have a firmer grasp of religious life than I had as a child, as well as other essential skills that can be worked into a curriculum (gardening, cooking, business admin, etc) There is opportunity to pursue a depth of a subject that you can barely scrape over in public school, unless you're nerdy and study it outside of school as well. I also think that there is more opportunity for the education of life, as well, when structured in the right way.