Saturday, March 19, 2011

Busy-ness/Dance At The Crossroads

In my last post, I said I've been busy. That would be true. Here is a sample of my hectic, amazing, last-two-weeks...

Well, we've been doing lots of last minute arrangements for our upcoming Literary Ball (We're hosting about 16 people at our home that weekend), getting ready for an upcoming poultry show, where I'll be clerking for the judges and/or working the food table... plus setting everything up. And taking it all down. *trys not to think about it* ;)

And still doing schoolwork. Wherever it fits in ;)

I've finished my ball gown now... really, really excited about it. It's one of my favorite characters, and the dress turned out lovely! My mother is a good teacher ;)

Blogging, of course (ha!) writing letters, editing my NaNo novel, working in the barn - all those wonderful things. Hauling water and hay when Daddy can't do it, staying up all night with bottle lambs, and still trying to improve my piano skills. (It's just not fair that we've only had it for 3 weeks! *Grins*)

And the gardens are about ready. And I'm planning out a 45 minute *solo* performance, at my "Angel of Music's" insistance. And freezer cooking. And hiking.

That's a long list... I didn't realize it! ^_^

So yesh, I've been busy. What about you? What have you been up too?

Oh, and for your entertainment - here is the best rendition of "Dance At The Crossroads" I've *ever* seen! Enjoy it! *And it's the High Kings, so of COURSE it's good... teehee*

That's all for now! And what about you?

Blessings on you all...


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Cosette said...

Love the new blog look!
& I think ye quite brave for editing yer novel... mine needs some TLC! :P