Thursday, March 10, 2011

If I could be...

...any character I wanted to be, act any heroine - who would it be?
I was thinking about this the other evening - not because I generally have the *need* to know, but because - well... I could. [my general excuse] Who would you be?


Ever since I read Les Miserables, I've loved Eponine. The Broadway only improved her upon acquaintance. She isn't the heroine, (Cosette is), but while Cosette is pretty, she's a bit annoying, bless her heart.

But Eponine is strong. She's struggling between a hideous and crooked upbringing and the good that she sees, but isn't allowed to enter. She makes an idol of Marius, the only man she's ever seen stick to good. She tries to stand up for the good and rebels against the evil. Is she perfect? Of course not. But she's human, and she's all raw edges - she's real.

Now we come to Michela - the 'good girl' from "Carmen", and to me, the more interesting character. Besides, she sings "Je dis que rien ne m'epouvant", which is my current aria, and one of my favorites. I don't have as much information on her as I want too, so keep an eye out for more about her, later.


Miranda is about the only Shakespeare character that would be really fun to act - most of them end up being not so nice as they appear, but as far as I can recall, Miranda is all good. Shakespeare is very hard to learn, but it would be entirely worth it to act someone like her. She's so much fun, and of course, ends up marrying the handsome prince. :)

~Maria ~

I adore Maria. She may "Climb a tree and scrape her knee", and her dress "may have a tear", but so do I. She's real, and from her biography, Broadway didn't over emphasise her virtues - her story is amazing! If there's ever a chance to try out for her at one of our local theaters, I'm absolutely going to do it. Even Tiffany CasaSante, my voice/and more teacher said I should. I wonder what that means... :)

Of course this isn't an exaustive list by any means - Just think of the possibilities! Juliet, Christine, (Phantom of the Opera) Lady MacBeth, Ophelia, Nancy (Oliver) - it's endless! And it's wonderful to dream... someday...

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