Sunday, May 22, 2011


I Want To Be...

`~*~ Mary Poppins~*~`

My sister and I recently re-watched 'Mary Poppins' - it had been years since I'd seen it.
I was a little afraid it would have lost some of it's charm, since I'm not four now.
But it didn't! It's still as beautiful and magical as it was ten years ago.

As far as I can make out, the rules for being Mary Poppins consist of...

~Being Practically Perfect in Every Way :important:
~ Carrying about a talking umbrella :very important:~Making friends of Chimney sweeps [more about this, later]
~Turning families upside-down. [the goal is for people to say things about you like this...
'It's that woman, Mary Poppins. From the moment she stepped into this house, things began to happen to me!'
~And most importantly - never be afraid to jump into chalk pictures.

'Ello, Guv'ner!'

Okay, I have to admit this. I'm totally in love with Bert. I'd climb any chimney he was up, and maybe - just maybe... dance on the rooftops. Call me a Disney freak - which I'm not - but the fact remains.

::Adoring sigh::

If I'm to be Mary Poppins, I'm going to just have to marry Bert. And that's all there is too it.

::recovers:: Alright, maybe not, but he is the 'andsomest chimney sweep 'I ever seen ;)

The following clip is the most artistic part of the film, if not the most well-known. See if you agree with me, that this is. truly. amazing.

This must be cut short, for Daddy wants the computer - having a shared computer has a few downsides - but it's beautiful outside, so I won't complain!

And now, in Bert's own words...
'Goodbye, Mary Poppins, don't stay away too long'

[By the way, Come Dance With Me now has it's own page on facebook - make sure you check it out!]

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Rachel Keeth said...

Cute blog post! Now I want to see that movie again, but we don't have it! Please keep posting!

Rachel Keeth