Wednesday, September 28, 2011

sticky notes

        A stack of Sticky notes - from my life...

Dear Exhaustion: You are hardly welcome.  I never realized how tired until I nearly fell asleep - listening to rap. Loudly. Yes, you read that right, Mr. E. On the couch at someone else's house, too. You may go away. xoxo
This is un-related to anything, except that it's cute. Which is really enough reason, no?
Dear Figment:  You are loved. Because of you, I won my first writing contest! And much as I love my offspring, it didn't deserve it. O_o  (You can read it here - 'Flight to Candyland') But anyway. You're sweet.

Dancing Lassie Photography - Carousel

Dear Autumn: I'm beginning to fall in love with you. Not for your chilly temperatures and chapped hands, but for what else you bring - a reenactment dance by candlelight. A kindly captain who let me captain his sternwheeler. O_o A bike ride with my sister on Blennerhassett Island. The county fair. A gospel meeting and a jovial preacher. (Who is staying with us right now, in my vacated room.)

Dear Uglyful Princess:  You were the most disgustingly horrible character I have ever played, but I have to thank you. For teaching me that true humility isn't hiding behind other's talents, but being willing to be ridiculed, if it's for the right cause.  (And I fail at this. Seriously.) Because it's not about me.  And remember - things aren't always what they seem. :laughing:  And of course, for giving me a chance to wear stage makeup that involves warts.
      'No, Mom! I don't want home-made warts! I need store-bought ones!'
 ^ The discussions in this house remain very normal.
(Dear everybody else - if you aren't familiar with the skit 'the Uglyful Princess', it is on Youtube. :woundedvanity:  A huge round of applause for my fellow crew - we only had two weeks to put this together, and they deserve much credit for what they did - cheers!

Dear Scheherazade: You were a dream of two 16-year-old girls who loved costume design and fantastic characters and... caffeine.  Your costume was the most delightful costume I have ever attempted to make, even if it did cause the most be-moaning, seam-ripping, and weeping.   :wryface:                                                      And you looked very unusual dancing with an Amish-man-costume, by the way. Just though I'd point that out. Anyhow. Now, to find every opportunity to to become Arabian.  

Dear You:  That's enough about me - and my life - and etc. How are you?  What is your current project - be it sewing, reenactments, music, or just mucking out the barn. :wink: 
                     Me ~

Dear Michaela: I stole this idea from you. Thank you for being an inspiration - and hope you don't mind! O_o


Michaela said...

I AM COMMENTING. Because this post totally deserves hundreds of comments. Just like you deserve a loonnng email. It's amazing how I'm able to leave all kinds of little notes - here, on facebook, but *STILL* haven't gotten back to your message. :P It's comin' Kate, it's comin'. I'm really enjoying our conversation, btw. :)

I know, isn't that picture the cutest? I just adore it. Reason enough. ;)

Sounds like you've been super busy - in a good way. I want to hear more about your adventures with "the preacher" (thanks for putting up with me and my mom this morning, :P ) and the dance! o.O Pictures?

Gotta love the Uglyfull Princess. Next time I'm in a skit, I'll memorize my lines. :P You were fantastic. <3

There. That is a COMMENT. Oh, and your costume was also fantastic - very unique and pretty.

~ Mich

Mazzou said...

Oh! I LOVE that costume! And it looks really good on pretty.

We also love making costumes- that one you made would be great, but I was always afraid I would look terrible in it! But yours looks lovely.

Come visit my blog, if you get a chance! :)

Anonymous said...

Kate you guys *& gals* HILARIOUS!!
I laughed so hard I cried, two times over!!!ROFL!!!!

[Wasn't it rather,awkward...???!!!]lol