Thursday, December 16, 2010

~*~ Christmas Ball ~*~

Descriptions ~ I've never been good at them. And how can one really put into words what something is like, anyway? It's only a shadow, at best. So here is what little I could do -

This past weekend was spent with wonderful people at a Regency ball in Erie, PA. The ball was hosted in a 'really truly' ball room that was part of a magnificant mansion in the area. Can you imagine having your own personal ballroom? That would be glorious...


A group of young people who are all dedicated toward having a fun and wholesome time - isn't that a rarity? It makes for a joyous gathering!


*And more dancing*

Regency ladies and Gentlemen...

~*~ The Smallest Person ~*~

I have one dance video up so far and another one to go - keep an eye out! Special thanks to the lovely Brown family for hosting, and thanks to Hannah Michelle and Brandon Pieplow ~ it wouldn't be the same without your photos!

Until next time!


Melanie said...

It was great getting to meet you there! It was a lovely ball!

Patrizia said...

Kate! I really liked this post. We had such fun, didn't we? Such fond memories. You looked gorgeous!!!!!

Love you <3

Anonymous said...

I had so much fun and it was great meeting you face to face, Kate! :-)

Hurray, I can comment now! :D

Lady Amanda