Wednesday, January 26, 2011

One Day More!

This was just too lovely not to share - forgive me, (or thank me) for not being as wordy as I'd like... ;)

A favorite songs from a favorite musical - they messed the song up just a little bit, but the choreography is amazing!


Michaela ~ said...

Yay for Les Miz, One Day More, AND David Thaxton! ;) ;) hehe

I love this vid. And DT *is* adorable. So there. :P

Anna Olivia said...

This video makes me so happy. It's such "eye candy", too! And DT is completely charming and adorable. <3 I've probably watched this particular clip 100 times since I first found it several months ago. And isn't the choreography in the play so much fun?!?! Ok. I'll start rambling if I don't stop here. ;)

Anna Olivia said...

Oh... I've come back here to mention that this actually is not from the play. They did this for a special Susan Boyle show... um, I don't like her voice, btw, please know that. ;) There's actually different choreography for this particular song in the new 25th ann. production of the show (a temporary production - the one we're seeing in April,) which is kinda more hippie... heehee! ...but especially oh so fun to reenact. =P But I like it this way better, at least when you're watching it.

I like to be specific, obviously. ;) ;)

Anna Olivia said... I think I made it sound like they only did this choreography for this show. NOT what I meant! This is ALWAYS how it's done in the original production of Les Miz. Yeah. *HAD* to clarify that... I'll stop clogging your blogger with dumb comments now. ;) ;) =P