Friday, April 22, 2011


i highly respect anyone who can sleep in a couch. because, I'm suppose to be sleeping on this one, but i'm not
as a matter of fact, i'm sitting here being awake. botheration.
it's rather distinctly uncomfortable.
so, since i am awake...
i'll write.


spring is here: easter always brings family to our home, and this year is no exception to the rule. *smiles* we have a large contingent of the Porter relations here for a visit. much hiking, swing (dancing), waltz, easter eggs, 'risk', and fresh air. i love these people.

(our collection of easter eggs this year...)

happiness: i am 95% happy. but not 100%. "why not?" you ask, "of all the people in the world, you should be."
...and i know that.

but still - because i have a list of dreams and hopes that I want to accomplish so badly, and so many aren't accomplished, yet. so many things, and yet more being added. :)
sometimes i wish that we were somewhere less - isolated. a place with music, culture, and music. lots of music. somewhere where there are people - people with interests. and frankly, I'd really rather *not* marry a tobacco-chewing, 4-wheeling, 'good ol' boy', who steals my heart by the way he revs his diesel. i mean, seriously...

*laughing at self*

music: Lord willing, i'll be getting certified to be a Suzuki violin teacher this summer. i'm nervous about teaching, but excited for the chance to show [very young] students the glorious language of music. pray for me.
piano practice is taking up quite a bit of my spare time now, and I'm not complaining about that a bit! I'm moving through about a level every couple of weeks - not fast enough.
this man is my piano-hero - such an amazing musician.

i am: preparing for my Senior year of highschool. working up our hard clay soil with the hope of fresh vegetables this summer. hauling haybales to our collection of goats, sheep and {a} pony. dreaming up a wonderful plot for National novel writing month [truly epic...]. reading "Count of Monte Cristo". (which i *adore*...)

look for: more information on this event, that i'm hosting shortly...

*~ au reviour!

(and for some reason i refuse to capitalize things today. don't take it personally.)


Anna Olivia said...

A "tobacco-chewing, 4-wheeling, 'good ol' boy', who steals my heart by the way he revs his diesel" sounds fun to me!!! ;)

Yeah, sometimes I do have a wild side.

Sadie S said...

Hello! I am just leaving a comment to say that I stopped by :) I read a few of your posts and just a few things caught my eye.
1) I used to use Suzuki methods when I first started learning violin. I never got very far though as my teacher moved.
2) I used to attend Civil War balls and the broom dance was a favorite!

Feel free to visit my blog at

God Bless!