Tuesday, April 26, 2011

~Giveaway ~ 'Little Delights"

Combining two of my very favorite things...

~~~~~~~~~~~*~ Handkerchiefs~*~ /and/ ~*~ Notebooks~*~~~~~~~~~~~~

... simply seemed like the perfect idea for a giveaway! So, that's what we did. *smiles*

Three delightfully lady-like handkerchiefs, donated my my mother, added the perfect touch to the sweetly feminine, lined notebook ~ the perfect thing for favorite quotes or an autograph notebook.

How to Enter:
*mandatory entry*

~Leave me a comment, listing *two* of your favorite things about spring.

*optional entries*
~Follow "Come Dance With Me"
~ Add me to your blog list. (If you have one on your sidebar)
~ Post a link to this post on Facebook, Twitter, or your own blog.

~~(Please remember to leave a separate comment for each entry)~~

~*~ This giveaway ends May, 10th, 2011, at midnight EST~*~

~* So exciting! I love doing giveaways, and this is my favorite one so far. Except - Except... I want to enter myself! *sad face* ;)


The Authoress said...

I would love to enter! Two things I love about spring are 1)the beautiful warm weather! and 2) I love to see the flowers come up. I really like all bulb flowers!

The Authoress said...

I also follow you, :)

The Authoress said...

I posted this on my blog as well! Here's the link:


Cricket said...

OOOH! Count me in!

Let's see... I love so many things about spring...

Watching the hills light up with new-burst leaves... Being increasingly enveloped in birdsong... New flowers, new grass, new life... Feeling creation's joy in the Creator filling the air...

Cricket said...

I already follow your blog, but I posted this on FB. :)

Sadie S said...

I'm entering! The handkerchiefs are delightful! I love little feminine things like that.
Two things I love about spring are 1)How new and fresh everything is, especially after a long winter.It seems so hopeful. 2) All the new baby animals being born: goats, sheep, bunnies, chickens...they're all so cute!

And I am following your blog :)

Haley said...

oh kay, can I enter? two things.. one) all the snow is melted about...now.
two)trail rides on horseback.

Kaitland C. said...

My two favorite things about Spring are 1) The fresh, breezy air and 2) The beautiful sunshine!

I am posting this on Twitter, Facebook, and I already follow you, and I already have you on my blog list. ;)

noblecharactergirl said...

Hello! I'd like to enter! My two favorite things about spring are #1. The beautiful, bright, colorful flowers that pop up all over, and #2. the nourishing rain (I know, I'm weird :-)

Thanks for doing this giveaway!

Cosette said...

Ooh, how fun! My two favorite things about spring would have to be 1) bare feet, and 2)watching all the flowers suddenly pop up.

P.S. I follow you! (could have never guessed, right?) :)

H. Madison Rose said...

My too favorite things about spring is Watching
everything turn green, and seeing all the animals! I also follow your blog!!