Saturday, April 2, 2011


Long ago, I decided that I hated Sushi. That it was terribly gross and entirely despicable. I was wrong. Actually - I'm not exactly sure what I think about sushi. After all, it really doesn't taste that good - but it's a bit addicting. Once you've had it, you start craving raw fish and seaweed at the oddest times. Like in the middle of church services, or at 10:00 at night.

Which leads me to this - I want to learn to make Sushi...

Actually, I want to make really cute sushi. Like these! How could you ever eat one? ( I know, I overuse 'cute' ;) ) And now - the important question. Do you like sushi?

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Rachel Keeth said...

Yum! I have only had sushi with cooked shrimp. I hope to try it with raw fish soon. I LOVE the panda bears, they are to cute!