Sunday, May 29, 2011


fffSo, I'll be honest. I've been really, really discouraged about blogging, as of late. For various reasons, but the main reason being that it just seems like I'm not growing. Fast enough. :cough: I would love to see more comments, and more visitors, but I'm not really quite sure what to do - to make that happen. And Patience is - not- one of my virtues. At all. ;)

ffffffddddddfffffffffdff: hang in there. I know this is terrible, but it gets better. Promise. : fffffffffddd

Thinking about all of this, I got grumbly about it, and a little irritated, and had a very nice pity-party about it all. :laughing:

Finally, common sense stepped in, and I realized that was the - wrong- attitude. And very self-centered.

Common Sense [speaking]: "Are followers, comments and blog hits the reason why you write?? No! You're writing because you love to write, because you can't help but write. Because you have a life cause and a message that is important, and so pressing you can't help but share it. So, can you please get a life and suck it up?'
fffffffffffffffffffffddddffff ffffffffffff::gulp:: ffffddddddffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
[Now-rational-self] "Okay, so I suppose I knew that all along. hehe :P "

So, anyway. I'm sorry for not blogging as much. And for being a bit of a sop. I love my life, and what I do. And I'm excited about what's upcoming on Come Dance With Me. If I can ever find the time to get some of these 'drafts' into posts, you'll see just what I mean. ;)

And for you people who've been with me all along, thank you. Thank you for your comments, and for hanging with me through renovations, happy days, and growing up. You're the bestest.

Oh, and I have dance videos. But that's for next time! ;)


Starlie said...

Oh Katharine, you've put into words exactly how I feel! So many times I get discouraged having so little feedback and wonder if I'm just wasting my time, but then I remind myself of the real reasons I'm blogging. At the moment, I have a ton of draft ideas in my head, if only I could find time to get them into actual posts!!
Looking forward to your future posts! Oh, and by the way, I DO read all your blog posts :D And really enjoy them too :)

The Authoress said...

Dance videos? :D Hurray!

Definitely keep blogging, and don't feel discouraged. Even though people don't always comment, your posts are very encouraging to me at least and I really appreciate your blog. You have been a blessing to me through this.
So keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

I'm exceited about your upcoming posts! I always enjoy your writings and especially watching you grow into young adulthood!


Sadie S said...

I just wanted to tell you that I read all your posts! I'm sorry I never comment. I know I feel a bit bummed when have posts that don't get comments, so I should try harder to comment on the ones I read. I'm looking forward to seeing what you have in the works!

Rachel Keeth said...

Don't feel discouraged! Most people don't comment on a blog post when they read it, even if they like it. I know, I will track my blog on Statcounter and even when people come to mine they don't comment. :(

Right now I am feeling a little discouraged about my blogging too. But that is only because I got out of the habit when we went on the trip. Also I am writing a long blog post right now about what happened while we were in Louisiana.

Kara L. said...

Keep up the post! I love blogs and I love going to yours. :):):)