Thursday, June 16, 2011

If only it could speak...

...what marvelous tales it might tell.

The Past: I can see him so clearly.... the Appalachian culture hasn't changed much in the years. I can see this interprising young man, building himself a castle in the valley. His name is forgotten, but I can see him - see him choosing the piece of land by the county road, building himself a house, digging a well, building his barn with his own hands, pegging it together, then trying the newer and popular invention, the nail. And he is gone, but he has left a legacy.

fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffeeeeeeffffff .haymow.

The Present: The county road is rutted and forgotten - the forest has almost taken back it's own. The house is gone, the wild roses grow where the fields once were. Nothing is left but the barn. And haunting memories, that I will never know, but that I can feel.

fffffffffffffffffffffffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeffff .grey skies and empty rafters.

:snaps back to the present: Forgive my rambling. There's something wonderful about the forgotten barn that is below our ridge, in the valley. And I cannot bear for it to be forgotten and left to the grapevines and birds. So, the other day, I took the camera, and shot a few shots. I really wish I was a better photographer. It's worthy of a better photographer then I.

ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffeeeeeeef.beams and rafters.


fffffffffeeeeeeeeeef {I did risk my neck for a few of these. Don't let Mum know. ;)} one frame.

Tis all for today. Thank you for putting up with my [not-so-amazing] shots, and somewhat ridiculous rambles. ;) It just seemed right, for these early summer days.

May your day be blessed! Kate~*

[P.S. Remember the :right now: post, from Monday? Would that be a good 'regular feature'? What do you think?}


Eva {The Writer} said...

I so loved reading this (and looking at your photos :)). We have an old, abandoned farmhouse about a mile from where I live. It's been years since I've visited it, but everytime I go for a walk, I catch a glimpse of it, and think how I'd love to (very carefully) walk through it again. But I never do! This post so reminded me of it again- it's almost as if you had it in mind when writing. Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice photos--I think your ramblings could be put to good use along with the photos--write a short story or even a book! You have the basics, now embellish! Why as he building? For his bride to be? To bring his family from "back east" and start a new life? What memories can you make up for him/them? I know you ahve it in you! :-)

Anonymous said...

Lovely! Be careful around that old barn and watch out for bulls in the pasture. OK, now the Mama comments are finished.

I love the one taken through the stone wall. There's something about old stone that is appealing to the senses.

Thank you bringing happiness to the day.