Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Heart's Cry...

fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffi never write poetry.
ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff ever.
ffffffffffffffffffffffffffft yet, the other evening, this came to me. at 1 in the morning.
ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff so here it is.

Teach me of my calling, to spread my wings and fly,
to flutter through the air, and dream of by-and-by,

To see the skies myself, to see that azure blue,
to see what others meant, when they spoke of brilliant hue.

Give me wings to fly! My heart cannot stand still,
I see a plain before me, with meadows, rocks, and rills.

I know it won't be easy, when I first hop off my limb,
that tortures dark and gruesome, will come before the end,

But am I made to stay here? Oh no, it cannot be,
the call is to discover, God's work he has for me.

And if I am to sing, and send a call so free,
or serve a nest of birdies, whatever it may be,

Well, here's my heart and here's my wings, and
here's my struggling soul,
Teach me to fly among the stars, then safely lead me home.

[ Keep an eye out - I've got several posts that will be out shortly, and a blog make-over in the process. So. Excited!]


Yesterday's Farm said...

Katie this is beautiful!!!It was just like reading a Lord Tennyson piece. :)

~ Miss Laura

Rachel Keeth said...

I love it, it is beautiful!

Eva said...

I really liked it Kate!
All my poems usually come only with inspiration as well. I can never force myself to write a poem. They end up sounding to....forced. :P