Monday, June 13, 2011

:right now:

Right now, I am...

:saying: goodbye to strawberries and peonies, and 'hello' to blueberries and roses.

:sewing: a bohemian skirt. the scraps are as gorgeous as the skirt. see photo #2.

:playing: 'secret life of daydreams'and 'mrs. darcy' from the 'pride and prejudice' soundtrack. captivating.

:apologizing: for the terrific mess around here. it won't be for long, promise.

:excited: about a trip to oregon. about meeting my best friend in person, for the first time. about seeing the pacific. that her parents offered to take me, for a week. [amazing people]

:nervous: because i'll be flying out alone. yet it's a good nervousness.

:loving: going barefoot. long walks in the moonlight. peonies. clean sinks. photography. being outdoors.

:listening too: luciano pavoratti. such a unbelivable and pure voice. one of the very few true singers the modern world has known. vivere!

:laughing: at myself. because i've been home alone all morning, and haven't stopped talking to myself. the entire time. and yes, occasionally answering myself. ;)

:working: outside. a lot.

:finding: a new dream. because what i thought was meant to be wasn't. because what used to be enough wasn't enough. because dreams are not meant to be forever.

:understanding: what anne meant, when she said.. ' i'm not a bit changed - not really. i'm only just pruned down and branched out. the real me - back here - is just the same.'

:over-using: the word 'cute'. because i can.

:thankful: for a holy and righteous God, who bears with his children. and for his Love.

:wishing you a splendid week, whatever it may hold!:


Anonymous said...

Thank you Kate! It was a blessing to hear about your life! I will see you soon- in person- in OREGON! All my Love,

Angel said...

Looks like you're having a wonderful day! :D Beautiful post and pics! Thanks for sharing!
Have a wonderfully blessed day!

Rachel Keeth said...

I love your post! I also like overusing the word cute.

Anna Olivia said...


Am I overusing that word? Sorry, it's just that lots of things/people happen to be cute.

Like, THIS cute. Yeah. =)

And I <3 this: ' i'm not a bit changed - not really. i'm only just pruned down and branched out. the real me - back here - is just the same.' Wow, do I <3 that.

Did you take those photos?? They're loverly!

Anonymous said...

Loverly! I'm especially loving the photo of the peonies in the sink. Weren't they beautiful this year? I feel so happy after reading your post, it's so uplifting.
Right now, I am thanking God for you~

Patrizia said...

You know Peonies are my favorite, I love them :D

lovely post :)

Cosette said...

Those pictures are so CUTE. ;)