Monday, June 20, 2011

:right now:

right now, i am...
black rasberries. and blueberries. and gooseberries. and currents. our kitchen is beginning to look like a berry explosion at the moment.

:realizing: that life is hard. that it's not easy, and it hurts, and - well, it hurts.

:also realizing: that real life is - real. and that it's a million times better then the imaginations of a six year old. that while some is hurting and painful, some is brighter and more beautiful then i ever dreamed!

:understanding: what l. m. montgomery meant, when she said... "those who can soar to the highest heights can also plunge to the deepest depths and the natures which enjoy most keenly are those which also suffer most sharply."

:adoring: this amazing two-tone hydrangea, from our front yard. {more photos from this shoot should make it on the blog soon...}

:playing: 'georgiana' from the pride and prejudice soundtrack. it's definitly the hardest piece i've ever attempted [thrilled], because i am now...

:finished with: 'secret life of daydreams'. finally. such a breath-taking piece.

:aggravated: that i still don't have a header in! if anyone is just dying to give it a try - go right ahead and contact me. ;)

:loving: iced coffee. night breezes and dark nights with the windows open. sing arias to the scarlett tanagers and the goldfinches.

:giggling: because I recently called a chickadee a chipmunk. on a test. thankfully, i erased it time. {rolls eyes}

:awed: by this russian dervish dance, from
riverdance {click}

:transforming: a wool skirt into a kilt. epicness. {pictures coming soon!}

:looking for: a really good, 'real' camera. someday, Lord willing, someday soon!

:singing: a lot.

:thankful: for a wonderful life, and a Father to Lean upon! All glory to Him!

Until next time...


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I love the post!